As the harsh and cold winters make their way, it’s time to gear up. Whether it is a heat pump or a furnace, heating systems are essential to keep yourself comfortable. All it takes is a little care to ensure they function properly throughout the season. Just like your car requires regular servicing, heating systems call for annual tune-ups and timely furnace repair in Rockwall to work smoothly. Apart from these, take a look at these significant benefits of heating system tune-up.

5 Reasons to schedule a heating tune-up

  1. Prevents extensive breakdowns
    While you would be spending some money on HVAC tune-ups, you can actually save a lot of bucks in the future. Yes, neglecting minor issues can often result in extensive furnace repair in Garland, TX, which can be pretty expensive! Even a single faulty component can put strain on the system leading to an entire breakdown. A heating tuneup often helps you know even the most minor issues or potential breakdowns before it escalates. Furthermore, not addressing the issue on time can prove to be dangerous as well.

  2. Save on utility bills
    Are you noticing a sudden spike in your utility bills? While a slight increase during winter is expected, an unusually high bill is a warning sign. This has to do with your system’s efficiency. Poorly maintained and dirty systems have decreased efficiency, which eats up significantly more energy. However, a professional tune-up can help you maintain your system’s efficiency. The technician will test, inspect, and clean each component to ensure it’s as energy-efficient as possible.

  3. Prevents gas leaks
    Most homeowners aren’t aware that heating systems can leak dangerous gases. If your furnace isn’t properly maintained, there could be a carbon monoxide leak which is a very deadly gas. In such cases, you would need to call an emergency furnace repair in Garland, Tx. You will be shocked to know that, on an average, 500 people die each year due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Thankfully a tune-up involves a carbon monoxide test that can help monitor any dangerous gas levels in and around the system.

  4. Improved air quality
    Heating systems such as furnaces typically operate on fuels. Over time, the combustion of these fuels can accumulate a lot of gunk and debris. That’s why a tune-up session always consists of cleaning or replacing the air filters as required. A clean air filter ensures fresh, and pollutant-free air is circulated throughout the house. In this way, you will notice your indoor air quality is better than ever.

  5. Increased longevity
    HVAC systems can be quite of an investment, and surely you want them to last long. An average lifespan of a heat pump and furnace can be around 15 years and 20 years, respectively. Routine tune-ups and timely furnace repairs in Rockwall can maintain their average lifespan and even add a couple more years!

Are you sure your heating system is ready for this winter? Forney Air and Heat can guarantee it through their best quality tune-up. Give them a call today (214) 924-9745 to schedule a service!