11 Steps to Follow Before you Turn on your AC Unit

11 Steps to Follow Before you Turn on your AC Unit

Before turning your AC on during the summer, don’t forget that it was most likely not in use during winter. Therefore, it may need an inspection before being turned on. Because of this you should follow several steps before you turn your AC on.

Examining the whole AC unit is essential to know whether you need air conditioning service in Rockwall, TX or not.

Don’t be worried about these steps. We will help you throughout the process by simplifying the steps you need to follow before turning on the AC.

11 Steps to Follow Before Turning the AC System On:

Step 1

The AC drain line must be clean and not clogged. Clean it with chlorine bleach and a brush to avoid bad odor and toxic air during the summer.

Step 2

Not only drain lines, but the filter also gets clogged due to the collected debris and dirt. Replace the filter before you start using your AC. AC filters need repair every 3 or 4 months.

Step 3

The outdoor condenser unit should also be blockage free. You need to wash it and remove the nearby branches, vines, etc., to ensure that it doesn’t collect the broken parts of these obstructions.

Step 4

Once you finish cleaning the filter, drain lines, and condenser unit, check the thermostat but turn the AC thermostat off while examining the AC. If your thermostat is too old, then replace it. Repairing an old thermostat is not a profitable decision.

Step 5

Ensure that the whole area around the air vents is free of any obstruction for best airflow.

Step 6

Check the Ductwork. Inspect the complete AC indoor and outdoor unit to ensure no risk of leakage.

Step 7

Circuit breakers are responsible for the better functioning of your AC. Check carefully. There should not be any fault in the circuit breaker.

Step 8

After checking the circuit breaker, inspect the wiring. If the wiring of your AC system is lost or broken, it will cause your AC to stop while working.

Step 9

The insulation also needs to be checked. Your AC insulation must not be rotted or damaged. If you find this kind of problem, install the new insulator.

Step 10

Inspect the main plug of your AC. There should not be any brown marks that indicate burning. Also, check if the AC remote is in good condition or not. Keep extra batteries for your remote with you.

Step 11

If your AC has crossed the warranty period and its poor condition is visible, then the timely replacement will protect you from further risk and high electricity bills.

Contact an HVAC expert soon if you hear unusual noise or smell something unpleasant.

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