9 Unbeatable Benefits Of A Central Air Conditioning System

9 Unbeatable Benefits Of A Central Air Conditioning System

9 Unbeatable Benefits of a Central Air Conditioning System

Texas summers are hot, and most people find that air conditioning is absolutely essential. Should you add a central air conditioning system to your home or try to get by with window units?

Your best bet is a central air conditioning system, and here’s why:

  • Whole-Home Comfort:A central A/C cools your entire house so that no matter where you are in your home, you can enjoy the many advantages of air conditioning.
  • Convenience: Rather than having multiple window units that have to be installed and uninstalled (and then stored) to suit the time of year, a central a/c unit operates from a single permanent location. No matter the kind of home you have or your lifestyle needs, central air systems come with many different features that can meet those needs.
  • Cleaner Air: One of the main benefits of a central air conditioning system is that it can provide better air quality than conventional window systems to filter the air circulating your home, limiting exposures to pollutants, bacteria, viruses, and allergens that may be harmful to your health.
  • Dehumidifies: Central a/c systems will make the air in your home more breathable and comfortable. They reduce humidity levels throughout your home to deter the growth of mold, contaminants, and pests. The climate in which you live will also determine whether you need an additional dehumidifier. Talk to an air conditioning expert about whether you need an additional unit to achieve optimal indoor air quality.
  • Easy to Operate: You can learn to use your central air conditioning system within minutes. Once installed, you can control by using a remote or thermostat, depending on the type of unit and thermostat you select. In general, the latest central air systems are user-friendly with options to turn off and on at specific times of the day. This helps you have cool air when you need it and save costs when you’re away from home.
  • Energy Efficient: Because your central air-conditioning system cools multiple rooms at once, you can achieve consistent temperature throughout your home. It reduces the total energy use in your home, unlike the amount of energy used by multiple single units. You can also consider using zoned systems, which can cool only selected areas in your home, giving you more control over your energy use.
  • Lower Noise Levels: A lot of window air conditioning units are noisy and distracting. With central air conditioners, the condenser and fan (the noisy parts), are installed outside your home. You may only hear a little beep whenever you turn on your system, and that’s it.
  • Boosts Home Resale Value: Central air conditioning systems are more desirable than standalone units. Adding a central cooling system will improve the value of your home, making it more competitive in the real estate market. Even if you are not considering selling your home any time soon, it is still an excellent investment that sustains its value over a long period.
  • Low Maintenance: The newer central air conditioning systems are designed to work with minimal maintenance. All you need to do is schedule regular inspection and maintenance with the professionals at Forney Air to keep your AC working at optimal levels for many years.

Forney Air is dedicated to delivering outstanding service. We will keep your central air conditioning system operating at peak performance.

When you need an air conditioning specialist you can trust for your maintenance, repairs or installations, look no further than Forney Air. Our technicians are on call whenever you need them, even after hours. Call us today at (214) 924-9745 or contact us online.


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