Central AC or Window Units – Which is Better?

Central AC or Window Units – Which is Better?

Central AC Or Window Units – Which Is Better?

If you live in Texas, you certainly need a properly functioning air conditioning unit that keeps you comfortable for the lowest possible cost. Should you get a central A/C system or window units? Which is better?

For whole-home cooling, you may think that window units cost less to purchase and install, and in the short term, that may be true. However, looked at longer-term, a central A/C system will save you money.

Let’s compare:

  • Energy Costs: A single window air conditioner typically needs 500 to 1440 watts to cool a single area of your home. A 2-1/2-ton central A/C uses 3,500 watts to cool an entire home of 1,500 to 2,000 square feet. To cool the same square footage with individual window air conditioners, you would need 3 to 4 units and what you would pay to run these 3 or 4 window units could be a lot more than running a single central air conditioner.
  • Energy Efficiency: Windows air conditioners generally run at the same energy levels all day long. Central A/C systems are designed to give you better efficiency than the windows unit by working in cycles to gradually cool your home, switching off and on during the day. This can amount to a significantly lower energy cost than window units. There are also central A/C systems with zoning features, which lets you select which areas in your home to cool to give you more control over your energy use.
  • Consistent Temperatures: Central A/C systems will keep your entire home at a comfortable temperature. Windows A/C units, on the other hand, don’t circulate the air as efficiently as your central unit so you could find that you end up with a wide range of temperatures in different areas of your home ranging from stifling hot, to warm to freezing cold.
  • Noise: All A/Cs are noisy because of the fan and condensing components. However, the noisy components in your central A/C will be installed in one part of your home, usually outside. Windows A/C, on the other hand, are simply noisy and distracting.
  • Space: A window AC can take up to four feet of your window space. When you have multiple window air conditioners, you lose visibility to the outside. With a central unit, you have an unobstructed view. Not only that, there’s the matter of off-season storage with window air conditioners taking up valuable storage space during the winter.
  • Healthy Choice: One of the most important benefits of a central A/C system versus window units is the clean, fresh air you will enjoy. Central A/C systems can filter the air throughout your home, eliminating pollutants, gasses, or allergens that can be harmful to your health. There are many custom HVAC filter options that can get rid of the odor and up to 99.6% of contaminants making them extremely beneficial for people with sensitive respiratory systems. A central A/C will also reduce humidity levels all around your home, to help prevent mold.

Central A/C systems can help promote better living in more ways than window units offer, and at a lower long-term cost.

Forney Air can help you find the right central A/C system to suit your budget. Forney Air is all about delivering turnkey solutions that make your life better. Call Forney Air (214) 924-9745 or contact us online and discover how we work hard to meet your needs.


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