Home Heating Mistakes

Home Heating Mistakes


According to the US department of energy, home heating is a huge expense that can easily make up over 40% of your utility costs. Some of these energy costs can be attributed to the costly mistakes that we make every day. The good news is that most of them are easy to correct. Keep reading to learn the top home heating mistakes homeowners make and how to correct them.

Not Changing Filters Regularly

If you have a forced-air HVAC, it is essential to change the air filter regularly. Failing to change filters on a schedule is quite possibly the most common home heating mistake. A dirty or clogged air filter will make your furnace work harder to heat your home which will increase your utility bills significantly.

Aside from higher energy costs, reduced air quality is an inevitable side effect of a dirty air filter. To avoid this problem, check your HVAC unit’s air filter every 30 days to ensure it is still performing efficiently. You may need to check it more often if you have pets or there is a smoker in the home.

Putting Off Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance is important to ensure your HVAC system performs as intended. Delaying maintenance is one of the top contributors to major system repairs. Well-maintained HVAC systems will keep your energy costs lower and will help you avoid costly repairs.

Preventative maintenance will help identify any issues that could arise from the increased system demand when the weather is extremely hot or extremely cold.

Delaying Simple Upgrades

For people who spend a lot of time away from home, it is common to leave the heat going while no one is home to avoid returning to a cold house. However, this is not only wasteful and more taxing on your system, it will also contribute to higher utility bills. Consider investing in a programmable thermostat.

Adding a programmable thermostat is a relatively inexpensive upgrade that can keep your home comfortable while still reducing energy costs. A programmable thermostat allows you to set the temperature lower when you’re away from home but still be comfortable when you return. More sophisticated models have timers that can increase or decrease the temperature at certain times of the day. Others connect to smartphone apps that allow you to control your compatible HVAC system from anywhere.

Setting the Thermostat to a High Temperature

Setting your thermostat to a high setting to heat your home faster is another common mistake. Turning your thermostat up will typically not affect how fast your home heats up. Doing this will only cause your furnace to run longer and will increase your utility bill. Your system will distribute the same heat at the same speed, regardless of the setting on your thermostat.

Instead of cranking up the thermostat, set it to your preferred temperature and let the system run through its normal cycle. If you find that your home takes a long time to warm up, consider calling a professional to troubleshoot.

In addition to self-maintenance, regularly scheduled professional maintenance is a wise investment. Forney Air helps homeowners and businesses with expert HVAC installation and service. The Forney Air team is available for routine maintenance as well as on-call emergency issues, offering peace of mind at any time.

Call us at (214) 924-9745 or contact us online, and let us take care of your air.


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