Signs You Could Use a Furnace Replacement

Signs You Could Use a Furnace Replacement

Keeping your home’s furnace in proper working order should always be a top priority. You must prioritize your maintenance and heating repair in Garland because an ignored furnace can endanger your health and the health of your family. 

Signs you should get your furnace replaced

Below are some of the reasons that indicate the need for a furnace replacement. 

  1. Odd smells from the furnace
    While furnaces can be somewhat smelly when first installed, they should reduce their odor with time. If you detect a persistent odor, it may be time to get the furnace cleaned. Strong odors coming from your exhaust could indicate poor combustion. While you cannot sniff carbon monoxide, you can readily detect Aldehydes, a byproduct of poor combustion.

  2. Gas leak
    It should go without saying, but it’s always worth repeating. If you smell a gas leak, you should immediately call an HVAC technician to address the issue. It is good to turn off the furnace right away because the gas is pretty combustible. A single spark may mean disaster for your home. As an added precaution, you should evacuate the house until the leakage gets fixed or an expert confirms that the furnace isn’t leaking.

  3. Difficulty igniting your unit
    The older a furnace gets, the more servicing and upkeep it will require. You may eventually discover that you have difficulty turning the unit on and keeping it operating. If you notice that it takes a lot of effort to start your heater or that you have to restart it several times a day, you should call a professional. These problems can be resolved with simple adjustments, such as dirty HVAC filters, interior AC coils, and auxiliary heat converters. It could also be an outcome of a clogged gas detector, which causes the furnace to operate intermittently. It is important to detect problems early and have your furnace back up and running as soon as possible.

  4. Energy costs are increasing
    While you should anticipate your energy costs to change with changing seasons, if you notice abrupt or even slow, unexplained increases, it could indicate that your system isn’t functioning properly. If such issues arise, it is better to seek expert assistance.

  5. Inconsistent heating
    If you notice that your heater isn’t doing a great job maintaining your home at a consistent temperature, it’s time to have it replaced. If your furnace is running accurately, you should not notice any cold or hot spots around the house. Instead, heating should get distributed evenly.  One thing to keep in mind is that different regions of your home will naturally have varying temperatures. For example, the basement may remain cooler and the upstairs warmer. However, if you see significantly varying temperatures in identical environments, it’s a sign that your furnace needs to get heating repair in Garland.

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