The Complete Fall HVAC Maintenance Checklist

The Complete Fall HVAC Maintenance Checklist

As the chilly winter season of Texas approaches, you need tips to keep your HVAC unit at the top of its game. You can do several things to keep it functioning efficiently without raising the bill.

  • Set the thermostat correctly: While it may sound overcautious, your thermostat might need recalibration. Your thermostat might be out of tune or be dirty. If it does not produce a sound when turning up the temperature, it might be out of batteries. However, it can also be the case that it needs professional assistance as it consists of electric circuits.

  • Replace the air filters: Your HVAC unit’s air filters play a significant role in the quality of air and electricity consumption. It would help if you changed your furnace filters around once every 90 days. Excessive clogging of the filter puts a strain on the furnace, leading to high electricity consumption. To prevent this and keep your furnace economical, pay close attention to the filter. If it changes color to grey, then change it immediately.

  • Take care of outdoor units: If you have a conventional HVAC unit or furnace, then keep looking for dust, dirt, and debris around the unit. Ensure that the space around the outdoor unit is clean and devoid of obstructions.

  • Insulation issues: If there is no proper insulation in your house, it will strain your HVAC unit to produce more heat to cover up the heat loss. So, try incorporating insulation in your house, like closing the windows and doors, putting up weatherstripping in the house, et cetera. Insulation can be drastically helpful in preserving heat, so don’t miss out on that!

  • Check your furnace for noises: Often, there is a banging, rattling, or popping sound coming from your furnace. Make sure that your furnace isn’t producing such voices since they mean a hazardous situation and are dangerous.

  • Clean your vents: Your vents and ducts can accumulate dust and dirt in them. So, brush the dust off and keep them sanitized. This is because air travels through vents and circulates inside the entire house. If the vents are dirty, it can lead to health problems and trigger respiratory diseases.

  • Schedule maintenance appointments: Contact Forney Air, and get your HVAC unit serviced and tuned up by our seasoned heating repair Rockwall team. A maintenance plan pays you back, so make sure you get one!

This checklist includes some of the most common and comprehensive maintenance techniques.

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